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Seek the light and allow your soul to sing out loud. Deepen your connections on a conscious and unconscious level with the peaceful and spiritual blend Enlightenment, containing Lapis Lazuli and Clear Quartz.


Some benefits of this enlightened blend


  • Aids self-esteem and strengthens bonds of love and friendship
  • Beneficial for those undertaking studies
  • Eases pain and is good for nervous disorders, anxiety and PMS
  • Good for blood purification, inflammation, the thymus and the immune system
  • Aids menopause, detoxing, cramps, dizziness and panic attacks
  • Wonderful for assisting child birth
  • Provides spiritual guidance and enhances intuition


Our bodies need a sufficient amount of water for stable health, with experts recommending 6-8 glasses daily. Are you getting enough? If not let the blend Enlightenment come to your rescue.


For a more detailed description on each crystal/gemstone, their healing, emotional and spiritual attributes and more, click here.


* Package includes 1 complete Longemity Crystal Infused Water Bottle and 1 Enlightenment Crystal Infused Gem Pod.


Height 25cm
Width 6.5cm
Volume 450ml

Great gifting idea!

31 December 2018
So good I got myself one also. Will definitely be getting more gem pods.


6 February 2018
I absolutely love my Enlightenment Water Bottle - charged with Lapis Lazuli [favourite crystal] and Clear Quartz, I carry my bottle everywhere.

Love love love

5 February 2018
Water just tastes so much better out of this bottle !!!

Love it!

8 December 2017
Amazing crystal bottle. The colours of the Lapis Lazuli are beautiful with the clear quartz. Very quick shipping. Very easy to clean and maintain. I love taking it with me everywhere I go. Will certainly purchase another soon, maybe even a different pod of crystals for my current water bottle.

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