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There is beauty in simplicity and then there is Luminescence. Our beautiful Rose Quartz and Amethyst blend.


Let this gorgeous blend weave its magic and shine its Luminescent light upon you. Reflecting its true beauty and loving vibrations deep into your soul filling you with love, support and guidance, allowing you to shine bright from within.


Some benefits of this inspiring blend


  • Spiritual protection and connection
  • Softness of lines and wrinkles
  • Supports and balances emotional energy
  • Aids meditation
  • Promotes love and healthy relationships
  • Restores confidence, self-esteem and reawakens trust
  • Assists with sleep disorders, nightmares and addictions


If what you are seeking is love, an open heart, spiritual connection and the secrets to the universe you shall find what you seek in the echoes of this luminescent blend.


For a more detailed description on each crystal/gemstone, their healing, emotional and spiritual attributes and more, click here.


* Package includes 1 complete Longemity Crystal Infused Water Bottle and 1 Luminesence Longemity Crystal Infused Gem Pod.



Height 25cm
Width 6.5cm
Volume 450ml

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