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Celebrate mother nature’s gift and life’s symphony with our intoxicating full chakra blend we named The Seven Jewels.


A beautiful all-round holistic mix of mother natures most beautiful gem stones. Gentle loving vibrations to softly ignite, awaken and stimulate each chakra.


This blend is suited for those that feel well in general. Think of it as a preventative elixir rather than a correcting elixir.


Some benefits of this harmonious blend 


  • Improved life force energy and vitality
  • Deeper connections in personal relationships and with self
  • Unlocking and releasing of destructive reoccurring behaviours
  • Reprograming of negative thought patterns
  • Improvement of general health
  • Increased awareness of spirituality
  • Balancing of emotions


Let The Seven Jewels chakra blend act as the doorway to unlocking trapped, stagnant or depleted energies in the body, by gently opening and stimulating our energy pathways reactivating, realigning, rebalancing and reconnecting us to back to a whole happy and healthy self.


For a more detailed description on each crystal/gemstone, their healing, emotional and spiritual attributes and more, click here.


* Package includes 1 The Seven Jewels Longemity Crystal Infused Gem Pod.  Base lid not included.


Height 12cm
Width 3.5cm
Volume 100ml

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