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Awaken each of life’s moments and start your inner journey with the positive effects of Citrine and Clear Quartz gem water.


They say sunshine is the best medicine and this blend is a powerhouse of light, happiness, joy and abundance.


Some benefits of this uplifting blend 


  • Offers stamina, courage, success and self-worth
  • Aids chronic fatigue, weight loss and reduces cellulite
  • Eases diabetes and digestive issues, constipation, jaundice, nausea and hot flushes
  • Beneficial for allergies caused by food or chemical intolerances
  • Increases creativity and imagination
  • Overcomes depression, anxiety and stress
  • Attracts success, prosperity and good fortune
  • Master healer


Do your soul some serious good. Your aura, spirit, mind and body will literally be bursting from the seams with the intoxicating vibrant energy imparted from this uplifting blend we have appropriately named Awakening.


Please note that we only use the highest quality crystals, this is why you will find our Citrine in its natural state with its colour a soft lime/yellow.  We have not heat treated our gems or cut costs by choosing a cheaper alternative by using heat treated Amethyst which is 99% of the Citrine on the market today.


For a more detailed description on each crystal/gemstone, their healing, emotional and spiritual attributes and more, click here.


* Package includes 1 Awakening Longemity Crystal Infused Gem Pod. Base lid not included.


Height 12cm
Width 3.5cm
Volume 100ml

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