You wont believe how Miranda Kerr Drinks her Water!

Author: Body and Soul   Date Posted:16 November 2017 

Juna Xu  published November 16, 2017


Just when it seemed impossible for the Victoria Secret model to lead an even healthier lifestyle, Miranda Kerr has dropped a truth bomb on how she gets that radiant #nofilterneeded glow - and no, it's not Noni plant (though she swears by that, too).

Not only does our biggest model export meet her daily water quota (#goals), but the soon-to-be-mother-of-two likes to stay hydrated by sipping on crystal-infused water. Say what?

Yep Kerr, is one of the growing number of celebs with another kind of crystal addiction - including Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lawrence, Miley Cyrus and Lola Berry.

There are now water bottles you can purchase that have crystals at the bottom. All the Kora Organics founder does is use her rose-quartz bottles instead of an ordinary/boring one.

“I got these really cool bottles for my birthday that you can just refill with water, but at the bottom is a rose quartz,” Kerr told Popsugar.

“I actually have a rose quartz one and an amethyst and I use them all the time. You feel like you’re getting that little extra bit of love when you have your water.”

It may sound extra AF, but drinking from rose quartz infused water is said to help you lead a more positive life, soften wrinkles, resonate pure love, and relieve vertigo, asthma and bruising.

If you want to get #on-trend with Kerr’s crystal water, you can buy your very own bottle at Longemity.

You’re welcome.


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